First obligatory welcome post

Nuit Blanche - 2385

I don’t want to write this. Let’s just get on with this, shall we? You’re probably not going to read this either. Why would you? Unintelligible rambling.

I can tell you why I’m having a hard time writing my first blog post. It’s because I have no idea what this blog is about. Truly, no idea. I have been thinking about it for weeks. What should I write about? What interests me? What am I curious about? Still, no idea. I finally decided I am going to start it anyways. Perhaps, a reason will evolve.

But there is a reason I started this blog. I want a personal no holds barred blog. I have had other blogs in the past but they were always work related or “serious” blogs. This one will be different. I intend to be silly, random, politically incorrect and, most importantly, to be myself.

Me. Who is that? I’m not sure and that’s part of who I plan to meet through this blog.


One more thing: Here is a reason why WordPress is awesome and technology totally rocks. I’ve just discovered the ‘related content’ feature, which allows you to link to related articles. As it turns out, other bloggers hate writing first posts as well. Here’s how they handled it: